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    Meet the Mapping L.A. Boundaries API

    Browse, download and reuse public maps of Southern California

    Download L.A. mayoral election data

    The Times releases machine-readable results and maps for all mayoral elections since 2001

    Introducing Silent L.A.

    A new open-source template for a black base map about Southern California

    Open-source maps of California’s emergency medical agencies

    The Times releases map files in SHP, JSON, KML formats.

    Introducing shp2svg

    Today we’re an­noun­cing the re­lease of shp2s­vg, an open-source Django powered web­site that stream­lines and sim­pli­fies the con­ver­sion from GIS shapefiles to SVG paths.

    The Times contributes LAFD fire stations to OpenStreetMap

    All 106 L.A. city facilities added to open-source database

    Introducing Quiet L.A.

    A new open-source template for a muted base map about Southern California, and the lessons we learned making it

    Inside our 911 response time analysis

    How the Data Desk analyzed public records to identify a systematic weakness in LAFD service at the LA city border.

    Test your Django app with Travis CI

    Make sure your code works with different versions of Python, Django and whatever else

    Introducing django-bakery

    A set of helpers for baking out your Django site as flat files

    Introducing python-elections

    Process AP elections data more easily with this new open-source library.

    Sphinx documentation on GitHub

    Quickly publish documentation alongside your code by following this easy recipe.

    Introducing django-softhyphen

    Using this new open-source Python library from The Data Desk, online publishers can more easily format text into columns that align to both the left and right margins.


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